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Due to changes in my personal and professional responsibilities, I no longer have the time to dedicate to maintaining this web site which I once did, and which it truly requires.

I will leave the site up as-is with little or no maintenance because some of the information may be useful for some time yet, however that usefulness is presently somewhat limited and will further diminish with time. Other sites may now or soon provide a better resource for comparable data.

-Jim Robbins, 11/25/16

Scanning Somerset County, New Jersey

County Trunked Radio Systems
County-wide Law Enforcement
County-wide Fire/ EMS/ OEM
County Other
Bedminster Township
Bernards Township
Bernardsville Borough
Bound Brook Borough
Branchburg Township
Bridgewater Township
Far Hills Borough
Franklin Township
Green Brook Township
Hillsborough Township
Manville Borough
Millstone Borough
Montgomery Township
North Plainfield Borough
Peapack-Gladstone Borough
Raritan Borough
Rocky Hill Borough
Somerville Borough
South Bound Brook Borough
Warren Township
Watchung Borough
Somerset County SMRS

For all the municipalities or groups listed above, there is a table of the frequencies and a brief description of how they are used. The first field is the channel name and/or usage, the second column is the radio frequency, the third column is the type (R=repeater, B=base, M=mobile), and the fourth column is the squelch or modulation type (CSq = carrier squelch). A two-digit number in the last field represents an Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) Logical Channel Number (LCN) which is helpful for programming; any known associated talkgroups will be listed further down in the same table. A number with a "$" prefix in the final column represents the Network Access Code (NAC) for APCO P-25 digital. "DMR" in the last column indicates Digital Mobile Radio-format digital, of which MotoTRBO is one brand example.

Tables or portions of tables containing trunked talkgroup data will have headers if needed to clarify the information represented. Modes may be "Ana" (analog), "Digi" (digital), or "Enc" (digital encrypted); digital versus encrypted is not always known in EDACS since neither can be decoded by consumer scanners.

It is intended for all public safety (police/fire/EMS/OEM) and government (roads dept/building dept/schools) channels to be listed here, plus most business repeaters and other channels which may be of particular interest. Many business channels have intentionally been omitted because researching and processing them all would be impractical. If you are searching for one not listed, try the FCC database or check if they are using an undentified talkgroup on one of the SMRs. If you are searching for additional tactical channels used by a business which has repeaters shown, try the master frequency lists. If you find or know of anything which is not listed here, please e-mail them to the author so that others may benefit.

Businesses should be listed under the municipality they are principally located in. County-wide busineses like utilities may be listed under the County Other section or with the municipality in which the main transmitter is located.

Standard and regional channels have been omitted from this page for brevity and can be found on the General Mercer/ Middlesex/ Somerset County Channels page.

Somerset County Trunked Radio Systems

Motorola Zone (1)
Repeater (CC)501.9125RMOT
Repeater (CC)502.6125RMOT
Repeater (CC)502.8375RMOT
P25 UHF Zone (3)
Repeater (CC)476.0625RP25
Repeater (CC)500.3375RP25
Repeater (CC)500.8875RP25
P25 700 Zone (4)
Repeater (CC)772.23125RP25
Repeater (CC)772.95625RP25
Repeater (CC)774.40625RP25
Future Expansion?
Unidentified Trunked Talkgroups
System All-Call?Ana0161601011,3?,4?

Somerset County currently operates two trunked radio systems: the legacy Motorola system and a P25 system which will eventually replace the Motorola system. The P25 system is further divided into a UHF zone and a 700 MHz zone.

Talkgroup assignments are about the same between the two systems so individual channel entries on this page will note the old and new talkgroup numbers -- if a channel is not yet in regular use then the anticipated new talkgroup ID will be in parentheses; if a channel has completely moved to the new system then the old talkgroup ID will be struck through. Analog notation only applies to the old system, P25 systems are 100% digital (though it can be either clear or encrypted). Each talkgroup entry also notes the Z (zone) and P (P25 phase). A P entry of 2 means that a scanner must be capable of APCO P25 Phase 2 in order to receive the signal; this is generally limited to only the newest models of digital scanner. Franklin Township's trunked system is treated separately on this web page, for simplicity's sake. For the most part Franklin's talkgroups stay on Franklin's zone and the county's talkgroups stay on the county's zones.

The P25 system ID is BEE00-457, the county-wide simulcast UHF site is 001-003, and the county-wide simulcast 700MHz site is 01-004. Programming it as type P25 Auto is recommended but if manual tables are required, use the following: Base5=470.0000 Step5=12.5 Offset5=20480; Base6=500.0000 Step6=12.5 Offset6=24576; Base7=502.0000 Step7=12.5 Offset7=28672. As users migrate from the old system to the new system, repeaters are likely to gradually move with them.

The legacy Motorola system ID is 8A27 and the county-wide simulcast side is 1 (Franklin piggy-backs their zone as Site 2 on this system). There are three configuration tables which must be programmed into scanners: Base1=500.3375, Offset1=380, Step1=25.0; Base2=501.9125, Offset2=430, Step2=25.0; Base3=502.5125, Offset3=450, Step3=25.0. If your scanner only supports one configuration then use 502.5125/450/25.0 and know that you will receive only about 80% of the communications.

Each zone (excluding Franklin's) is simulcast countywide. Transmitter sites, according to the FCC licenses, vary a bit from zone to zone, and additional receive-only sites may be in use. Approved transmitter sites for the 700MHz zone are:

Please note that talkgroups may pop between zones with seeming randomness -- this is because talkgroups will come live when a radio on that system tunes to it. For example, Fire Region 6 (including Montgomery) may not normally come over the P25 UHF zone but it will when a Montgomery PD radio which is working on that zone tunes to it. Hillsborough PD's channel may only come over the P25 700 zone until a Manville PD radio tunes to it on the P25 UHF zone or a Hillsborough Fire radio tunes to it on the Motorola zone. For that reason the zone/talkgroup arrangement is very fluid and you may be best scanning as many of the three zones as your scanner will reasonably permit.

Some notes on the unidentified/unconfirmed talkgroups: 01616/101 is suspected to be a talkgroup which will open up any radio, a system-wide announcement channel. A series of talkgroups are in the numeric vicinity of the interop talkgroups; they may be for other services' interops and/or events; Piscataway PD used loaner portables on 15088 when their system was briefly taken down for maintenance in August 2006. 32304 once had technicians installing or maintaining security cameras apparently at the courthouse.

Somerset County Law Enforcement / County-wide Police

Conventional Channels
Jail Ops453.3875R131.8
Park Rangers Tac453.2875M210.7
Park Rangers Tac?458.2375M?
Park Rangers Tac?458.2875M?
Trunked Talkgroups
Public Safety CallingAna0164801031,3,41
Police AlarmsAna0168001051,3,41
Intercounty HotlineAna01744(0109)1
Park Rangers Fleet CallAna04816030131
Park Rangers MainAna04848030331
Park Rangers OpsAna04880030531
Prosecutor Fleet CallAna0641604011,31
Prosecutor MainAna0644804031,31
Prosecutor Ops-1Ana0648004051
Prosecutor Ops-2Ana0651204071
Prosecutor Ops-3Ana0654404091
Prosecutor Digital-1Enc5444834031,31
Prosecutor Digital-2Enc5448034051
Prosecutor Digital-3Enc5451234071
Prosecutor Digital-4Enc5454434091
Prosecutor Digital-5Enc5457634111,31
Prosecutor UnknownEnc5476834231,31
Sheriff Fleet CallAna0801605011,31
Sheriff MainAna0804805031,3,41
Sheriff Ops-1Ana0808005051
Sheriff Ops-2Ana0811205071,31
Police Fleet CallAna1121607011,3,41
Police Region 1 DispatchAna11248(0703)1
Police Region 1 Ops-1Ana1128007051
Police Region 1 Ops-2Ana11312(0707)1
Police Region 2 DispatchDigi11888074342
Police Region 2 Ops-1Digi11920074542
Police Region 2 Ops-2Digi11952074742
Police Region 3 DispatchAna1518409491,31
Police Region 3 Ops-1Digi54704(3419)1
Police Region 3 Ops-2Digi54736(3421)1
Police Region 4 DispatchAna1144007151,31
Police Region 4 Ops-1Ana1147207171,31
Police Region 4 Ops-2Ana1150407191,31
Police Region 5 DispatchDigi1156807231,3,41
Police Region 5 Ops-1Digi11584(0724)1
Police Region 5 Ops-2Digi11600(0725)1
Police Region 6 DispatchDigi1163207271,3,41
Police Region 6 Ops-1Digi1164807281,31
Police Region 6 Ops-2Digi1166407291,31
Police Region 7 DispatchSee Franklin Township
Police Region 8 DispatchAna1134407091,3,41
Police Region 8 Ops-1Ana1137607111,31
Police Region 8 Ops-2Ana1140807131
Police InteropAna1492809331,31

The Sheriff's Department, Prosecutor's Office, and Park Rangers all operate on the trunked system. The table on the right lists all the relevant and identified talkgroups.

County dispatches a growing number of police departments, most of which are now on the trunked system, and a couple more are self-dispatched on the trunked system. See immediately below and to the right for police dispatch regions and talkgroup assignments, and see each individual municipality's section for additional information and notes.

Police regions are organized as listed below, with the mutual aid code numbers. This does not necessarily reflect what channel(s) are used for routine operations; see individual municipalities for that information.
Region 1
Bedminster (01), Bernards (02), Bernardsville (03), Far Hills (07), Peapack-Gladstone (15)
Region 2
Hillsborough (10), Millstone (12)
Region 3
North Plainfield (14), Watchung (21)
Region 4
Bound Brook (04), Green Brook (09), Warren (20)
Region 5
Branchburg (05), Manville (11)
Region 6
Bridgewater (06), Raritan (16), Somerville (18)
Region 7
Franklin (08)
Region 8
Montgomery (13), Rocky Hill (17), South Bound Brook (19)

Somerset County-wide Fire/ EMS/ OEM

Conventional Channels
JEMS 1155.2350B/M100.0
JEMS 2155.3400B/MCSq
JEMS 3155.2800B/M82.5
JEMS 4153.7850B/M131.8
EMS Tactical155.2950B/M100.0
EMS Miscellaneous155.3100B/M100.0
Skywarn Primary444.5000R131.8
Skywarn Backup445.7250R136.5
Fire & EMS Station Numbers
15RBound Brook RS--Bound Brook
20F/RBasking Ridge FC#1 & FARS--Bernards
21FBradley Gardens FD2Bridgewater
22F/RBernardsville FC#1 & FARS--Bernardsville
23F-1Bound Brook Hose Co #1--Bound Brook
23F-2America Hose & EC#2--Bound Brook
23F-3Watchung FC#3--Bound Brook
23F-4Relief FC#4--Bound Brook
24FCountry Hills VFC--
25FCommunity VFC#13Franklin
26FElizabeth Avenue FC1Franklin
27FEast Franklin FC3Franklin
28FMillstone Valley FD1
29FFar Hills-Bedminster FD--
Far Hills
29RFar Hills-Bedminster FAS--
Far Hills
30FFinderne EC#14Bridgewater
31FFranklin Park VFC2Franklin
32FReadington VFC--Branchburg
32F(was US-GSA Depot, Hillsborough)
33F/RGreen Brook FD-EMS--Green Brook
34FGreen Knoll VFC3Bridgewater
34RGreen Knoll RS--Bridgewater
35FGriggstown VFC2Franklin
35RFinderne FARS--Bridgewater
36FFlagtown FD1Hillsborough
37FHillsborough VFC#21Hillsborough
38FWoods Road FC1Hillsborough
39FKingston VFC#14Franklin
39RBradley Gardens FARS--Bridgewater
40FLiberty Corner FC--Bernards
41FLittle Rocky Hill VFC2Franklin
42F-1Manville FC#1--Manville
42F-2Camplain VFC#2--Manville
42F-3North End VFC#3--Manville
42RManville FAS--Manville
43FMartinsville FC#21Bridgewater
43RMartinsville RS--Bridgewater
44FMiddlebush VFD1Franklin
45FMontgomery Twp VFC#11Montgomery
46FMontgomery Twp VFC#22Montgomery
47F(was NJ-DHS NPDC, Montgomery)
47RMontgomery EMS--Montgomery
48FNeshanic VFC--
48R(was North Plainfield RS)--North Plainfield
49FNorth Branch VFC--
49ROrtho Corporation FAS--Ortho Campus
50F/RNorth Plainfield FD--North Plainfield
51FPeapack-Gladstone FD--Peapack-Gldstn
51RPeapack-Gladstone FARS--Peapack-Gldstn
52FRaritan Relief Hose Co #2--Raritan
52REast Millstone FAS--Franklin
53FRocky Hill H&LC#1--Rocky Hill
53RRocky Hill FARS--Rocky Hill
54F(was Readington Fire, see 32F)
54RSomerville FARS--Somerville
55FSouth Bound Brook FC--S. Bound Brook
56FSomerset VFRC#11Franklin
56RLiberty Corner FAS--Bernards
57FSomerville FD:--Somerville
57F-E1Somerville EC#1--Somerville
57F-E3West End Hose Co. #3--Somerville
57F-E4Lincoln Hose Co. #4--Somerville
57F-T1Central H&LC--Somerville
58F(was US-DVA Depot)
59FUS-DVA Lyons Hospital--VA Hospital
60FWatchung Fire--Watchung
60RWatchung RS--Watchung
61FWarren Township Fire Department--Warren
61F-1Mount Bethel VFC#1--Warren
61F-2Mount Horeb VFC#2--Warren
61F-3Community VFC#3--Warren
61F-4Washington Valley VFC#4--Warren
61RWarren Township RS--Warren
62F(was Washington Valley VFC#4)
63FPottersville VFC--Bedminster
65F(was Ingredion Fire Brigade)
67FJ&J Raritan Fire Brigade--(Corporation)
68RSomerset MC EMS-ALS
71RFranklin-Somerset FAS--Franklin
72RKingston FARS--Franklin
74RBranchburg RS--Branchburg
76R(was Raritan FAS)
77RSouth Bound Brook FAS--S. Bound Brook
78REthicon Industrial FAS--(Corporation)
79RHillsborough RS--Hillsborough
80RSomerset MC EMS-BLS
98County HazMat Team
99Mutual Aid Coordinators
n/aNJ Forest Fire Service Division A Section 7
n/aSomerset County Emerg. Svcs. Training Academy
??RKendall Park FARS--Franklin

Somerset County has gradually taken over dispatch of most in-county fire departments and emergency medical services and consolidated their communications in conjunction with the switch-over to the trunked system. Some alerting is still done on Fire-High, JEMS-1, 155.31, and other channels but most pages from county are multicast over the UHF county-wide alerting channel; some agencies are paged on only this UHF channel now with the old channels completely abandoned. Other legacy channels may be consolidated as a part of this process; one example is that county took over Montgomery's fire and EMS dispatching in the first quarter of 2006, and Mercer County eventually changed too so the 82.5 PL on fire-high is no longer used; similarly the 110.9 tone used for Hillsborough and Branchburg has been switched to 100.0.

County OEM, including the HazMat team, operates entirely on the trunked system.

The table on the right lists all the station numbers for Somerset County fire (##F) and EMS (##R) stations; some now-defunct stations have been included to fill in gaps in the current numbering. Some stations are physically located outside Somerset County but are primary responders in and so have Somerset County numbers. "Municipality" is meant to indicate the Somerset County town the station is a primary responder for -- out-of-county towns and mutual-aid towns are not included. "Dist" indicates which fire district (if any) the company is a part of, because some areas are dispatched by district. NJFFS Section A7 is included for the sake of providing a link; they serve the area but do not in any way fall under the auspices of Somerset County.

Fire regions are organized as listed below. This does not necessarily reflect what channel(s) are used for routine operations; see individual municipalities for that information.
Region 1
Bedminster, Bernards, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack-Gladstone
Region 2
Branchburg, Bridgewater
Region 3
Green Brook, North Plainfield, Warren, Watchung
Region 4
Bound Brook, Manville, Raritan, Somerville, South Bound Brook
Region 5
Franklin, Millstone
Region 6
Hillsborough, Montgomery, Rocky Hill

The standardized numbering system formerly used by the county fire and BLS agencies has been updated and modified to use plan English to describe the unit kind and, when necessary, type.

Somerset County dispatches Somerset Medical Center's ALS and BLS units; paging is on the UHF channel and dispatch is on EMS Dispatch 1. SMC-EMS is the sole (assigned) user of EMS Ops-4 for coordination and transport units operation. RWJUH medic units (MedRescue #) are still primary responders for parts of Somerset County and are dispatched by MedCentral (see Middlesex County for more info). ALS from from Hunterdon and Mercer Counties occasionally provide mutual aid.

Local EMS agencies use Region 1 dispatch in the north and Region 2 dispatch in the south. Ops channels 1-3 are used as indicated per town.

Somerset County ARES is a part of the North NJ ARES Section.

Trunked Talkgroups
OEM Fleet CallAna0321602011,31Fire/EMS Fleet CallAna1281608011,31Fire/EMS Fleet CallAna1281608011,31
OEM MainAna0324802031,3,41Fire Region 1 DispatchAna12848(0803)1EMS Region 1 DispatchAna1441609011,31
OEM Ops-1Ana0328002051Fire Region 2 DispatchAna12880(0805)1EMS Region 2 DispatchAna1444809031,3,41
OEM Ops-2Ana0331202071Fire Region 3 DispatchAna12912(0807)1EMS Ops-1Ana14480(0905)1
OEM Ops-3Ana0334402091,31Fire Region 4 DispatchAna1294408091,31EMS Ops-2Ana14512(0907)1
OEM Radio ShopAna0337602111,31Fire Region 5 DispatchAna12976(0811)1EMS Ops-3Ana1454409091,31
OEM HazMat 1Ana0340802131,31Fire Region 6 DispatchAna1300808131,3,41EMS Ops-4Ana14576(0911)1
OEM HazMat 2Ana0344002151,31Fire Ops-01Ana13040(0815)1EMS Region-3? Ops-5?Ana14608(0913)1
OEM UnknownAna0347202171Fire Ops-02Ana13072(0817)1EMS InteropAna14992(0937)1
OEM Digital-1Enc5460834131,31Fire Ops-03Ana13104(0819)1
OEM Digital-2Enc5464034151Fire Ops-04Ana13136(0821)1
OEM Digital-3Digi5467234171Fire Ops-05Ana13168(0823)1
OEM InteropAna15024(0939)1Fire Ops-06Ana1320008251,41
Fire Ops-07Ana13232(0827)1
Fire Ops-08Ana13264(0829)1
Fire Ops-09Ana13296(0831)1
Fire Ops-10Ana13328(0833)1
Fire InteropAna14960(0935)1

Somerset County Other

Public Safety & County Government
Courthouse Ops453.4875RP25
Parks Dept. Tac?453.3875M?
RVCC Security463.2750Rd546
RVCC Unknown453.3500R?
Raritan Val. Sewer Auth.453.2500R?
County Old154.8000R?
Trunked Talkgroups
Services Fleet CallAna0961606011,31
Facilities MainAna1003206271,31
Facilities Ops-1Ana10064(0629)1
Facilities Ops-2Ana10096(0631)1
Traffic OpsAna10160(0635)1
Health Dept OpsAna1028806431,31
Services Event/Common?Ana10320(0645)1
Services Event/Common?Ana10352(0647)1
Services Event/Common?Ana10384(0649)1
Municipal DPWAna11792(0737)1
Municipal DPW?Ana12080(0755)1
Municipal DPW?Ana12112(0757)1
ESC Montgomery BusesDigi59248(3703)
Railroad So. NJ Disp.161.0700B/MCSq
Railroad F-55160.9350B/MCSq
Freight Rail VA Depot Sidings160.9800MCSq
Raritan Val. Radio Club146.0250R141.3
Unknown - 4H?469.2625M71.9

Raritan Valley Community College has a few conventional channels. In 2013 the county's DPW, transportation, and recycling services moved to the state 700MHz system ("NJ Interoperability Communication System / NJICS"), possibly to free up capacity for municipal users and during the transition from the Motorola system to the P25 system. Other county users are believed to remain on the county's own system(s), as have all former municipal users.

10320, 10352, and 10384 may be county services event talkgroups; the 4H fairs in 2005 and 2006 have been run using OEM loaner radios mostly on 10352 and a little on 10320.

Bedminster Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Tactical?502.5875M100.0
Police Tactical?505.5875M100.0
ES Alerting506.9875R100.0
Schools BTES Tac463.2875Md311
Schools BTES Tac464.8875M?
AT&T Paging464.9750RCSq
Fiddler's Elbow CC464.3125R?
Fiddler's Elbow CC456.3125M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC456.5875M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC457.0375M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC457.7875M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC464.1125M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC464.1625M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC464.2125M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC464.2625M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC469.1125M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC469.1625M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC469.2125M?
Fiddler's Elbow CC469.2625M?
SMQ Unicom123.0000B/MAM
SMQ Ground121.7250B/MAM
Trump National Golf Club461.5125RDMR
Trump National Golf Club461.9125R?
Trump National Golf Club462.0375R?
Trump National Golf Club463.5125R?
Trump National Golf Club464.7375R?

Bedminster Township's Police Department (01-## units) is dispatched by county on the Police Region 1 channels. The tactical channels here may or may not still be used.

The Bedminster fire companies, Union Hook & Ladder Company #1 (also known as Far Hills-Bedminster Fire Deptartment) and Pottersville Volunteer Fire Company are dispatched by County -- paging is on the UHF channel shown and dispatch is on Fire Region 1.

The Far Hills-Bedminster First Aid Squad is dispatched by county -- paging is on the UHF channel shown and dispatch is on Fire Region 1.

Bernards Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch155.5800R77.0
Police Tactical155.9100B/M192.8
ES Dispatch154.4150R203.5
ES Tactical154.0100M162.2?
ES Station 20 Alternate?151.0175R?
ES Station 20 Tac?154.2800M?
ES Station 40 Alternate?155.8275R?
Public Works46.5400B/M?
OEM Broadcast1.6200BAM
Ridge HS461.7125R?
Liberty Corner ES461.4625R?
Mount Prospect ES467.7625M?
Mount Prospect ES467.8500M?
Mount Prospect ES467.8750M?
Mount Prospect ES467.9000M?
Mount Prospect ES467.9250M?
School District Tac464.5875M?
School District Tac464.8750M?
School District Tac466.8125M?
School District Tac467.3875M?
School District Tac467.4375M?
VA Lyons Ops417.6000R
Bonnie Brae Center452.5000B/M?
Kwartler/110 Allen Rd451.5875R?
120 Mountainview Rd464.8625R?
NJ National Golf Club451.2875M?
NJ National Golf Club452.1125M?
NJ National Golf Club457.0375M?
NJ National Golf Club457.1125M?
United Healthcare463.4500R?
US Golf Association451.3375M?
US Golf Association451.6875M?
US Golf Association451.8875M?
US Golf Association452.7875M?

Bernards Township's Police Department is dispatched by Somerset County on its own high-band repeater.

Bernards Township fire companies, including the Basking Ridge Fire Company #1 and the Liberty Corner Fire Company, are dispatched on a high-band repeater by Somerset County. Two high-band repeaters have been licensed, one by each fire company. It appears that the township assisted both with the licensure, and control points for both are at the police station (LCFC's license shows the repeater at their station). It is unclear what the intent of these channels is, whether to be main dispatch or a secondary coordination/ops channel, and whether they are presently in use.

EMS is provided to Bernards Township by the Basking Ridge Fire Company #1 First Aid Squad and the Liberty Corner First Aid Squad. The squads are dispatched by Somerset County on the same high-band repeater as the fire companies.

Bernards municipal communications were on a low-band channel. It is possible the unidentified high-band repeater is for them, so that they're on the same band as police and emergency services.

Bernardsville Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch39.6400R114.8
Police Alternate39.9400B/M114.8
Fire Tactical? Relay?453.0875M?
Fire Tactical? Relay?458.0875M?
OEM Broadcast1.6400BAM
Water Telemetry? Voice?451.3625M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?451.5625M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?451.7125M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?452.0875M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?452.5125M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?452.6375M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?456.3625M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?456.5625M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?456.7125M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?457.0875M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?457.5125M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?457.6375M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?462.1875M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?462.4625M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?467.1875M?
Water Telemetry? Voice?467.4625M?
SHRSD BHS153.3575M
SHRSD BHS451.1875M
SHRSD BHS456.1875M
Trunked Talkgroups
Police AlternateAna32400(2025)1
Far Hills CDS451.7375M?
Far Hills CDS452.7625M?
Far Hills CDS452.8625M?
Far Hills CDS452.9875M?
Far Hills CDS462.3375M?
Far Hills CDS462.5125M?
Somerset Hills CC452.5375R100.0
Somerset Hills CC462.2375M?
Somerset Hills CC463.6125M?
Somerset Hills CC464.8000M?
Somerset Hills CC469.8000M?
Somerset Hills CC456.4625M?
Somerset Hills CC456.6375M?
Somerset Hills CC464.3250M?

Bernardsville Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on low-band. It is understood that the county's trunked system was tested but found to have unacceptable coverage gaps in Bernardsville; coverage may improve with the new system and/or with other system improvements, so it is possible the police department will switch in the future.

The Bernardsville Fire Company #1 & First Aid Squad is dispatched by county; alerting is on the county-wide UHF channel and dispatch on Fire and EMS Regions 1. The tactical/relay channels may be for mobile extenders.

Bernardsville Borough DPW operates on a talkgroup on the county's system.

Bound Brook Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch151.2800Rd732
Police Tactical155.3100B/M162.2
Police Old F-2154.9050B/M162.2
Police F-3155.1150M100.0

Bound Brook Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on the channel indicated, with the dispatcher identifying as '685' (as in KEB685).

The Bound Brook Fire Department is comprised of four companies: Bound Brook Hose Company #1, American Hose & Engine Company #2, Watchung Fire Company #3, and Relief Fire Company #4. All, together, as Station 23-Fire, are dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and dispatch is on Fire Region 4.

The Bound Brook Rescue Squad is dispatched by county -- paging is on the county's "EMS Miscellaneous" channel indicated and dispatch is on the trunked system. Bridgewater also pages BBRS directly on the same frequency at carrier squelch (no PL tone).

Bound Brook's municipal services use a high-band channel, which also serves as police tac.

Branchburg Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Ops507.2375R114.8
School Buses151.6550B/Md306
School Tac159.5700M?
School Tac159.6075M?
School Tac159.7725M?
School Tac159.8175M?
School Tac159.9000M?
School Tac159.9075M?
School Tac159.9300M?
School Tac160.0725M?
OEM Broadcast1.6300BAM
AZ Electronic Materials461.4750R?
Chubb Insurance461.3500R?
Chubb Insurance461.7875R?
Fox Hollow CC451.3125M?
Fox Hollow CC452.1625M?
Fox Hollow CC452.2875M?
Fox Hollow CC457.2875M?
Life Cell464.1750R?
Midland School456.6125M?
Midland School457.4875M?
Midland School457.8125M?
Midland School457.8625M?
Roche Facilities464.4750R167.9
Verizon Wireless464.1000R?

Branchburg Township's Police Department (05-## units) is dispatched by county and uses Police Region 5 channels.

Branchburg is served by four fire companies. All are dispatched by county, and all are also primary responders into other municipalities; the alerting channels do not vary but the following ops channels may be for Branchburg only. For operations in other towns, see notes under that town's section.
24-Fire Country Hills Volunteer Fire Company
Alerted on the listed UHF repeater and dispatched on Fire Region 2. Also is a primary responder into Bridgewater (dispatched on the UHF repeater there).
32-Fire Readington Volunteer Fire Company
Alerted on Fire-High and dispatched on Fire Region 2. Also is a primary responder into Hunterdon County (Station 32 there too).
48-Fire Neshanic Volunteer Fire Company
Alerted on Fire-High and dispatched on Fire Region 2. Also is a primary responder into Hillsborough (dispatched on Fire Region 6 there).
49-Fire North Branch Volunteer Fire Company
Alerted on the listed UHF repeater and dispatched on Fire Region 2. Also is a primary responder into Bridgewater (dispatched on the UHF repeater there).

The Branchburg Rescue Squad provides EMS and is dispatched by county. Alerting is done on JEMS-3 and dispatch is on EMS Region 2; internal coordination is typically done on EMS Ops 3.

Bridgewater Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire F-1 District 1 Ops470.3750Rd156
Fire F-1 District 2 Ops500.3750R192.8
Fire F-1 District 3 Ops507.2375R114.8
Fire F-1 District 4 Old Ops154.1825B/M192.8
Fire F-2 Stn 34 Fireground460.6125M192.8
Fire F-3 Stn 24 Fireground465.6125M192.8
Fire F-4 Stn 49 Fireground465.5875M192.8
Fire F-5 Stn 21 Fireground453.6625Md156
Fire F-6 Stn 43 Fireground458.6625Md156
Fire F-7 Stn 30 Fireground453.9375Md156
Fire F-8 RIT458.9375Md156
Fire Dist 4 Alt154.3625Rd156
EMS Alert155.3100B100.0
EMS MRS-GKRS Alert159.1950Rd156
EMS Ops155.6325R192.8
EMS Dispatch154.1150R192.8
F-6 DPW159.1650R192.8
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools461.7500R233.6
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools456.4375M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools456.5625M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools456.7375M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools456.7625M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools457.3125M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools457.6625M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools457.7625M?
Bridgewater-Raritan Schools457.8125M?
Bridgewater-Raritan MS468.6625M?
Bridgewater-Raritan MS466.7125M?
Bridgewater-Raritan MS467.2375M?
Bridgewater-Raritan MS467.2625M?
County Channels in Bridgewater
Vo-Tech High School463.9750M?
Vo-Tech High School464.4500M?
Vo-Tech High School464.6875M?
Somerset Academy451.7375M?
Somerset Academy452.4125M?
Somerset Academy452.7625M?
Somerset Academy452.8625M?
Trunked Talkgroups
Police DispatchDigi59376371141
Police AlternateDigi59408371341
Barker Bus42.9600B/M?
Barker Bus46.0000B/M151.4
Bridgewater Commons464.4250Rd364
Environmental Disposal472.7875R107.2?
Fisher Scientific463.3000R?
Fisher Scientific463.5000R?
Fisher Scientific464.4000R?
Green Knoll Golf Course456.9875M?
Green Knoll Golf Course466.4625M?
Green Knoll Golf Course466.6625M?
Green Knoll Golf Course466.9375M?
Life Cell462.0250RDMR
Macys Paging154.6250B?
Marriott Engineering Old?463.2500Rd411
Marriott Housekeeping Old?452.8000B/Md411
Marriott Unknown Old?461.8500Rd411
Ingredion/ Denver Rd. Ops153.2900R173.8
Ingredion/ Denver Rd.153.6500R?
Norfolk Southern161.0550B/M?
NJ American Water451.2500R?
Phillips Concrete49.5600B/M100.0
Pingry School461.2250Rd244?
Raritan Valley CC457.1375M?
Raritan Valley CC457.6625M?
Raritan Valley CC457.7875M?
Raritan Valley CC457.9875M?
SJP/100 Somerset Corp Park464.3750Rd445
Somerset Hills Towing472.7875R151.4
Somerset Patriots

Bridgewater Township's Police Department is self-dispatched on a high-band repeater. F-2 through F-4 have not been confirmed (in fact, 3 and 4 do not appear to be licensed), but are reportedly for tactical communications; F-6 is an alternate channel for the PD, the DPW channel. As of late 2013 the dispatch channel is patched into a talkgroup on the county's P25 system (700MHz zone); this may be in preparation for a move to that system.

Bridgewater's fire companies are arranged as follows:

Fire District One
43-Fire Martinsville Fire Company #2
Alerted on the countywide UHF channel and operates on its own UHF channel.
Fire District Two
21-Fire Bradley Gardens Fire Department
Alerted and operates on its own UHF channel.
Fire District Three
24-Fire Country Hills Volunteer Fire Company
34-Fire Green Knoll Volunteer Fire Company
49-Fire North Branch Volunteer Fire Company
Alerted and operates on the UHF repeater. Note that 24 and 49 also respond as primary into Branchburg but use the county's trunked system for those calls.
Fire District Four
30-Fire Finderne Engine Company #1
Alerted on Fire-High and operates on Fire Region 2.

Bridgewater dispatches BLS agencies for the township. Bound Brook, Bradley Gardens, and Finderne are paged on 155.310. Daytime coverage for them is provided by Somerset Medical Center EMS (dispatched by county). Martinsville and Green Knoll are alerted and dispatched on their own channel, and usually have their own daytime crew.

Some but very little communication has been heard on the DPW channel as of January 2014. It is unclear whether they do not use the radio a lot or if communication has moved to another channel.

Far Hills Borough

Far Hills Borough's Police Department (07-## units) is dispatched by county and uses Police Region 1 channels.

See Bedminster Township for emergency services serving Far Hills.

Franklin Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked Repeater471.8250RMOT
Trunked Repeater471.9750RMOT
Trunked Repeater (CC)472.3250RMOT
Trunked Repeater (CC)472.3500RMOT
Trunked Repeater (CC)472.9000RMOT
Trunked Repeater (CC)477.4000RMOT
Police Conventional476.9625R/M141.3
Police Tactical?476.5625M141.3
Fire District 1 Multicast154.1600Rd047
Fire District 1 Future471.2750R?
Fire District 2 Multicast154.1450BCSq
Fire District 2 Multicast470.4000R118.8
Fire District 3 Multicast166.2500R192.8
Fire District 3 Conventional472.9750R?
Station 27 Talk-around461.5750R91.5
EMS SB Squads Alert45.3600B186.2
ES Conventional477.1875R/M141.3
School Buses155.2650B/Md152
High School Security464.9375Rd343
High School Maintenance463.4500Rd343
High School Tac464.4125M?
OEM Broadcast0.6800B/MAM
Trunked Talkgroups
Fire InteropAna16080(1005)2
OEM Tac-2Ana17712(1107)2
911 AccessAna17968(1123)2
Township Main FleetAna19216(1201)2
Township MainAna19248(1203)2
Event 2Digi19312(1207)2
Police FleetEnc48016(3001)2
Police DispatchEnc48048(3003)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48080(3005)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48112(3007)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48144(3009)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48176(3011)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48208(3013)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48240(3015)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48272(3017)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48304(3019)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48336(3021)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48368(3023)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48400(3025)2
Police Alt/OpsEnc48464(3029)2
Fire FleetDigi49616(3101)2
Fire MainDigi49648(3103)2
Fire Ops-1Digi49680(3105)2
Fire District 1Digi49776(3111)2
Fire District 2Digi49808(3113)2
Fire District 3Digi49840(3115)2
Fire Ops-2Digi49872(3117)2
Fire Inspectors MainDigi49904(3119)2
Fire Inspectors OpsDigi50000(3125)2
EMS FleetDigi51216(3201)2
EMS DispatchDigi51248(3203)2
EMS Tac-1Digi51376(3211)2
EMS Tac-2Digi51408(3213)2
EMS InteropDigi52912(3307)2
Roads DepartmentDigi54928(3433)2
Water DepartmentDigi55024(3439)2
Public WorksDigi55120(3445)2
OEM FleetDigi56016(3501)2
OEM MainDigi56048(3503)2
OEM Tac-1Digi56080(3505)2
Event 1Digi56880(3555)2
Construction Code 1Digi57232(3577)2
Construction Code 5Digi57264(3579)2
Health DepartmentDigi58800(3675)2
Animal ControlDigi58832(3677)2
400 Atrium Dr.463.5750Rd073
Bessenyei & Son Old?152.9600B/Md026
Cardinal Health463.5250Rd612
Cardinal Health464.2500R?
Forest Electric461.8375R?
Holiday Inn464.7750B/Md703
McCarrick Care Center461.8875R?
McCarrick Care Center464.7125R?
MS Finance451.9375RDig?
MS Finance461.6875RDig?
NJ American Water TRS451.8500R?
NJ American Water TRS461.0250R?
NJ American Water TRS462.0750R?
NJ American Water TRS462.5000R?
NJ American Water TRS463.4000R?
OFS Fitel461.8000R?
Ortho F-1 Security462.5250R179.9
Ortho Tac451.3000B/M?
Ortho Tac451.4000B/M?
Ortho Paging462.7750B?
Ortho Paging462.8000BCSq
Ortho Tac462.8750B/M?
Phillips Concrete49.5600B/M100.0
Pillar of Fire461.5500R?
Princeton Procure Mgmt461.5125R?
Quailbrook Golf Course456.4125M?
Quailbrook Golf Course457.2875M?
Quailbrook Golf Course457.7875M?
Quailbrook Golf Course457.9875M?
Rutgers Prep461.6250R?
Rutgers Prep Tac461.3000M?
Rutgers Prep Tac461.3250M?
Rutgers Prep Tac461.5000M?
Rutgers Prep Tac462.1375M?
Rutgers Prep Tac464.8500M?
Sentinel Data Center451.6375R?
Sentinel Publishing450.3500B/M?
Sentinel Publishing450.8500B/M?
Sentinel Publishing450.9500B/M?
Sentinel Publishing455.3500B/M?
Sentinel Publishing455.8500B/M?
Sentinel Publishing455.9500B/M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course457.5250M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course457.5500M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course457.5750M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course457.6000M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course462.4375M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course466.4875M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course466.6875M?
Spooky Brook Golf Course467.4375M?
Spring Hills467.7875M?
Trap Rock Ops451.9500R192.8
Veeco Instruments452.1750R?
Veeco Instruments452.2750R?
Veeco Instruments452.4000R?
Veeco Instruments452.5000R?

Franklin Township operates a mixed-mode trunked radio system, which is actually a mostly self-contained zone piggy-backed off the county's Motorola system. Thus Franklin's system ID is 8A27 and site is 2 (county is Sites 1, 3, & 4). Frequencies are shown at left; there are two configurations for trunk-tracking scanners: Base1= 471.0000, Offset1= 380, Step1= 12.5; Base2= 476.2500, Offset2= 540, Step2= 12.5. Since the frequencies and configurations are different than county's, and since talkgroups mostly do not roam between the sites, it may be best to program this into scanners as a completely separate system instead of combined with the county's site.

The Franklin Police Department moved all their operations to the trunked system on 7/01/04, and all police talkgroups noted to date have been encrypted. The old, conventional infrastructure and ability on it has been maintained and used as a backup to the trunked system. The old police identifiers (possibly still in use) were: police cars= 800 series; chief= 2000; captain= 3000; lieutenant= 4000; sergeant= 5000; detective= 6000; beat officer= 7000; special officer= 8000; dispatcher= 9600.

Franklin PD has occasionally used old PD-1 for operations when maintenance is required on the trunked system. The department also used the analog "911 Access" talkgroup for routine dispatch around 10/20-22/06 for an unknown reason; the encrypted dispatch talkgroup and others were used at the same time for something else.

The Franklin fire companies are divided up as follows:
Fire District One (north)
26-Fire Elizabeth Avenue Fire Company
28-Fire Millstone Valley Fire Department
44-Fire Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department
56-Fire Somerset Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company #1
Fire District Two (south/central)
31-Fire Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Company
35-Fire Griggstown Volunteer Fire Company
41-Fire Little Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Company
Fire District Three (north/east)
25-Fire Community Volunteer Fire Company #1
27-Fire East Franklin Fire Company
Fire District Four (south - Kingston)
39-Fire Kingston Volunteer Fire Company #1

The Franklin fire companies are dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and dispatch is on the district's talkgroup (Station 39 uses District 2). Districts 1, 2, and 3 each set up a multicast of the dispatch talkgroup over their old VHF dispatch frequency. District 1 has applied for a UHF repeater and the FCC license grant is pending. District 2 has set up a UHF repeater which multicasts District 2 talkgroup. District 3 has received a FCC license for a UHF repeater however its use has not been observed. East Franklin's chief has a long-time UHF repeater which seems to be used for unofficial talk-around communications by fire company members. Kingston may also use talkgroups on South Brunswick's trunked system for internal communication.

Franklin (as "Franklin PD") continues to dispatch all squads itself. EMFAS (52) and FSFAS (71) are alerted by Franklin on JEMS-1, Kendall Park and Kingston Squads are alerted by South Brunswick (Middlesex County) on its emergency service paging channel, and Rocky Hill is paged by County on Fire-High. All five squads, RWJUH-SPUH ALS, RWJUH-SPUH BLS, and SMC ALS all communicate with Franklin on the trunked system. Since Rural-Metro left NJ in 2006, around-the-clock EMS coverage has been supplemented by Ambulance 782 (primary) and others as needed from RWJUH EMS (or Rutgers EMS). Its dispatch is by MedCentral though it also contacts Franklin on Franklin's EMS channel.

Animal control and the construction code department joined the system in 2005 and went digital in August 2006. The Health Department joined in August 2006. Public Works began using it in the first quarter of 2006. The Department of Fire Prevention had access to it in the second quarter of 2006, but didn't start using it in earnest until they went digital in August (Township Main Analog is still their F-2).

Green Brook Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Trunked Talkgroups
Green Brook DPWAna11824(0739)1
State Channels within Green Brook
DHS GB Regional Ctr155.0850M?

Green Brook Township's Police Department (09-## units) is self-dispatched on the Police Region 4 channels.

Green Brook Fire is alerted on the county-wide UHF channel and dispatched on Fire Region 3 by Green Brook.

Green Brook EMS is alerted on the county-wide UHF channel and dispatched on EMS Region 1 by county. Daytime EMS coverage is provided by Somerset Medical Center EMS.

Green Brook's DPW operates on its own talkgroup on the county's trunked system.

See Warren Township for Watchung Hills Regional High School channels.


Hillsborough Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Region 6 Multicast154.4150B110.9
High School Tac464.3250M114.8
OEM Broadcast1.6100BAM
47N Ops121.7250B/MAM
47N Unicom122.7000B/MAM
Duke Farms451.8750R?
Duke Farms461.3750R?
Duke Farms464.3750R?
Duke Farms464.8250R?
First Student155.1600B/Md152
NJ American Water451.0500R?
Norfolk Southern Crossings161.4750B/M?
Phillips Concrete49.5600B/M100.0
Reckitt & Benkiser452.3250R?
Royce Brook Golf Club?451.4125M?
Royce Brook Golf Club?452.0875M?
Royce Brook Golf Club?456.4125M?
Royce Brook Golf Club?457.0875M?
Sunoco Pipeline48.7200R?
Sunoco Pipeline48.8600R?
Transco Pipeline48.7400B/M?

Hillsborough Township's Police Department is self-dispatched on the Police Region 2 talkgroups, which are P25 Phase 2-type talkgroups on the 700MHz zone which only certain of the newest digital scanners are able to receive.

Hillsborough's fire companies are dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and dispatch on Fire Region 6. Fire Ops-6 is commonly used for coordination and scene operations.

Hillsborough Rescue Squad (volunteer) and Hillsborough EMS Corporation (paid) are dispatched by county; alerting is on JEMS-1 and dispatch is on EMS Region 2.

Manville Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
OEM Broadcast1.7000BAM
Trunked Talkgroups
DPW Future?Ana11984(0749)1
Norfolk Southern161.1300R?

Manville Borough's Police Department (11-## units) is dispatched by county on the Police Region 5 talkgroups.

Manville fire is dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and dispatch is on Fire Region 4.

The Manville First Aid Squad is dispatched by county; alerting is on the county's "EMS Miscellaneous" channel and dispatch is on EMS Region 2.

Manville DPW continues to use its VHF channel.

Millstone Borough

Millstone Borough utilizes the State Police, Troop B, which operates on an 800 MHz Motorola trunked system. Millstone also seems to contract with Franklin Police for supplemental traffic enforcement.

The Millstone Valley Fire Company, and Franklin Fire District 1, cover Millstone. See the Franklin Township section on this page for more info on their communications.

The East Millstone First Aid Squad covers Millstone and is dispatched by county; alerting is on JEMS-1 and dispatch is on EMS Region 2. Internal coordination is done on Franklin's trunked system.

Montgomery Township

Public Safety & Local Government
School Buses155.1600B/Md662
Trunked Talkgroups
Montgomery PD Ops/AltAna11728(0733)1
Montgomery DPWAna1176007351,4
Bedens Brook452.7250R?
Bloomberg Maint.462.0500Rd331?
Carrier Clinic464.8750Rd205
Carrier Clinic461.4500M?
Conover Bus33.0800B/Md032
Gibraltar Rock Plant Ops452.2125Rd612
Gibraltar/Silvi Deliveries153.1925Rd732
Gibraltar Rock153.1775R?
J&J Security461.2250Rd244
J&J Security?461.1625Rd516
J&J Maintenance461.1500Rd244
J&J Facilities452.0750Rd244
J&J Unknown452.2000Rd244?
J&J Unknown462.4500Rd244?
Princeton Airport Unicom122.7250MAM
Princeton Airport Ground121.7250B/MAM

Montgomery Township's Police Department (13-## units) is dispatched by the county on the Police Region 8 channels. It had been self-dispatched on its own talkgroups, that dispatch talkgroup is still available for internal communications.

Somerset County is the primary dispatch agency for the two Montgomery fire districts/ companies. District 1 / Station 45 is paged on the county-wide UHF channel; Station 46 is paged on Fire-High. All susequent dispatch is on Fire Region 6 and scene operations are typically on Fire Ops-6 or one of the county's tactical channels. Mercer County also pages Station 46 directly on Fire-High for mutual aid assignments into Princeton and Hopewell; Station 46 will communicate with Mercer directly on VHF channels.

Montgomery EMS is dispatched by the county; alerting is on JEMS-1 and dispatch is on EMS Region 2. Response and scene coordination are generally on the EMS Ops-3 talkgroup.

The DPW has moved to the police department's old ops talkgroup. Montgomery's school buses use a VHF-High simplex channel.

North Plainfield Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Dispatch460.6250R107.2
DPW Old?154.0250B/M103.5
School District152.3525R179.9
High School152.2925R?
Schools Tac151.5200M?
Schools Tac153.0275M?
Schools Tac154.5475M?
Schools Tac159.6000M?
Schools Tac159.6825M?
Schools Tac159.8550M?
Schools Tac159.8850M?
Schools Tac159.9150M?
Schools Tac160.1175M?
Schools Tac160.2000M?
Schools Old?464.7375M?
Schools Old?464.9125M?
OEM Broadcast1.6300BAM
Regency Village463.6875R?

North Plainfield Borough's Police Department (14-## units) is self-dispatched on the Police Region 3 channels.

The North Plainfield Fire Department is dispatched by county on a repeater shared with Watchung. EMS is run by the fire department (Rescue-1 & Rescue-2).

Peapack-Gladstone Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
ES Alerting506.9875R100.0
OEM Broadcast1.6100BAM
Hamilton Farms452.9750R?

Peapack-Gladstone Borough's Police Department (15-## units) is dispatched by county on the Police Region 1 channels.

Peapack-Gladstone's emergency services are dispatched by county on Fire and EMS Regions 1.

The DPW operates on a conventional repeater.

Raritan Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
State Channels within Raritan
NJ Transit Rail Yard160.4400B/M?
J&J Mgmt Info Ctr462.2750Rd115?
Ortho Tac464.6500B/M?

Raritan Borough's Police Department (16-## units) is dispatched by county on the Police Region 6 channels.

The Raritan Fire Department is dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and dispatch on Fire Region 4.

Raritan is served by Somerset Medical Center BLS during weekdays/daytime, and the Somerville Rescue Squad on nights and weekends.

Refer to Bridgewater Township for the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District channels.

Rocky Hill Borough

Rocky Hill Borough uses the NJSP for law enforcement; the NJSP uses an 800MHz Motorola trunked system. Rocky Hill also contracts with South Bound Brook for certain police services at certain times; seemingly mostly traffic enforcement during rush hour, though SBB units have been in RH at other times too.

The Rocky Hill Fire Department is dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and dispatch on Fire Region 6. Rocky Hill is also dispatched by Mercer County for mutual aid into Princeton; alerting is on Fire-High and Station 53 switches to Mercer County channels to communicate directly.

The Rocky Hill First Aid Squad is dispatched by county; alerting is done on Fire-High and dispatch on EMS Region 2.

Somerville Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Tactical154.2500Md114
Fire Old?154.2050Md114
Fire Old?154.3700B/Md114
Schools Old?461.4500R?
Schools Old?461.6750M?
Schools Old?463.7750M?
Immaculata High School456.6125M?
Immaculata High School457.7875M?
Immaculata High School457.8625M?
Immaculata High School457.8875M?
Somerset Medical Center
Patient Escort?463.9250R?

Somerville Borough's Police Department (18-## units) is dispatched by county on the Police Region 6 channels.

Somerville fire is dispatched by county; alerting is on fire-high and dispatch is on Fire Region 4. Somerville fire was recently heard using one of the old channels for talk-around, it is presumed they have also retained ability on the other channels as well.

The Somerville Rescue Squad is dispatched by county; alerting is on the county's "EMS Miscellaneous" channel and dispatch is on EMS Region 2.

South Bound Brook Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Fire Ops154.4150R100.0
EMS Ops156.2025Rd365
EMS Future?453.6875R?
Schools Tac461.9125M?
Schools Tac463.3625M?
Schools Tac463.3875M?
Schools Tac463.8375M?
Schools Tac463.8625M?

South Bound Brook Borough's Police Department (19-## units) is dispatched by county on the trunked system.

The South Bound Brook Fire Company is dispatched by county; alerting is on Fire-High and ops is on frequencies previously used by Hillsborough.

South Bound Brook Rescue Squad is dispatched by county on JEMS 1. Daytime coverage is provided by SMC's unit 801. There is an application with the FCC to add a UHF repeater to the license for the squad's VHF repeater, it us unknown whether this is for future squad or fire department use.

Warren Township

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Dispatch500.4125R186.2
Fire Dispatch470.6250R167.9
EMS Dispatch471.0750R167.9
ES Tactical470.9250M167.9
ES Tactical473.9250M167.9
OEM Broadcast0.6800BAM
WHRHS Old?47.5400B/M?
WHRHS Old?155.2950B/M
WHRHS Old?155.2350B/M
MUJC-DLC Warren451.7875R?
MUJC-DLC Warren461.3250R?
MUJC-DLC Warren463.7875R?
MUJC-DLC Warren464.8375R?
MUJC-DLC Warren461.9375M?
MUJC-DLC Warren463.8375M?
MUJC-DLC Warren469.4000M?
Antenna Site Management151.5950B?
Antenna Site Management451.9000R?
Chubb Insurance461.3000R?
Chubb Insurance461.7875R?
Dealman Bus47.6200B/M?
NJ Public Broadcasting Auth.455.0375B/M?
NJ Public Broadcasting Auth.455.6500B/M?
NJ Public Broadcasting Auth.455.7500B/M?

Warren Township's Police Department is self-dispatched on a UHF repeater.

Warren Township fire companies are dispatched on a UHF repeater.

The rescue squad is dispatched on a UHF repeater.

Watchung Borough

Public Safety & Local Government
Police Ch-1 Dispatch472.1250R107.2
Police Ch-3###.####MDigi
Police Ch-14460.6250?R107.2
Fire Dispatch460.6250R107.2
Fire New460.6375R107.2?
Fire Police154.4150M?
EMS Dispatch155.7150R103.5
OEM Broadcast1.6100BAM
Schools Tac462.1625M?
Schools Tac464.7625M?
Trunked Talkgroups
Police Ch-2Digi64016(4001)1?
Police Ch-4Ana12048(0753)1
Blue Ridge Prop.463.4250R?
McCauley Healthcare461.5625M?
McCauley Healthcare467.7500M?
NJ American Water451.0875R?
T&G Comms451.7500R?
Vogel Bus49.2600B/Md412
Weldon Concrete43.4400B/M156.7

Watchung Borough's Police Department is self-dispatched on a UHF repeater. In the department's new UHF channel plan, F-3 is believed to be a low-power digital tactical channel, either encrypted or clear, and may be 453.1875 or 458.1875. F-14 is believed to be the fire department's repeater.

The Watchung Fire Department is dispatched on a UHF repeater along with North Plainfield.

The Watchung Rescue Squad is paged and dispatched on the VHF repeater. Voice messages usually come over UHF too, but tones do not.

See Warren Township for Watchung Hills Regional High School channels.


Somerset-Area SMRs

Atlantic Telecom
Mic Talk
Belle Mead501.9375R?
Belle Mead502.2625R?
Belle Mead502.2875R?
Belle Mead502.8875R04?
Belle Mead507.8625R05
Belle Mead502.2375RLTR
Belle Mead502.8625RLTR
Belle Mead502.9375RLTR
Belle Mead506.3375RLTR
Belle Mead507.9875RLTR
Belle Mead508.3375RLTR
Bus Service0-04-175
Sanitation Company0-05-001
School Buses0-05-012
Ambulance Service0-05-154
Fascination Communications LLC
South Branch471.9625R?
Horizon Communications
(was Atlantic Telecom)
M&W Communciations
Green Brook464.2000R?
Mobile Radio
Belle Mead451.4250R?
Belle Mead451.5250R?
Belle Mead452.2750R?
Belle Mead452.4000R?
Radio Spectrum

This is a list of Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) systems known of in Somerset County. These are basically radio channels for rent, an alternative to Nextel (and there long before Nextel existed). Unless noted otherwise all use LTR trunking; TGIDs are not yet available.

It is possible that a business you are searching for is using an SMR based outside the limits of Somerset County, and it is possible that some of the SMR sites listed here are part of a larger network for wider coverage. There are too many sites outside Mercer to cover on this page; to learn more about a network, search the FCC database for other licenses under the same provider. There is information similar to this for Mercer and Middlesex Counties on their respective pages.

Special thanks: sp48radio & others.

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